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Russian nationalism cannot be destroyed as an idea. Russian nationalism in the 21st century fills the religious lagoon that was formed due to the Bolshevik coup a hundred years ago. In other words, Russian nationalism is the banner of civil activity, the same as Christianity used to be the banner of religious activity. So, the idea of Russian nationalism is indestructible. Whatever happens to its adepts – whether they are imprisoned or exiled from Russia – is not destruction, but affirmation. In any case, the idea of Russian nationalism should replace Putinism, otherwise the collapse of the Russian Federation is inevitable… Yuri Gorsky, politician

On June 13, 2017, the issues of extremism were discussed by the Presidium of the Council of Legislators. First Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Nikolai Fyodorov rejoiced the audience:

Promptly introduced changes in the laws made it possible to significantly increase responsibility for crimes related to extremism…

One of those whom the authorities wanted, but could not “invoke responsibility for extremism” was the chief editor and founder of ArtPolitInfo, one of the speakers of the New Opposition, Yuri Gorsky. After he was prosecuted under Article 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (calls for extremism) and as a preventive measure he was assigned a house arrest for 2 months, Yuri Gorsky “having used the incompetence of the special services” left the Russian Federation.

Yuri Gorski: I was awarded this honorary title “extremist and terrorist”. So, I do not just live like an ordinary man, but I’m even engaged in extremism and terrorism!

As “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” (Independent Newspaper) reported in its article: “Gorsky’s departure is still shrouded in mystery. In an interview with “Independent Newspaper”, he preferred not to disclose any details, saying only that emergency emigration had become a “cumulative chain of circumstances.” “I left the house when my wife was sleeping, none of my colleagues knew about my plans,” he explained to Independent Newspaper, promising to disclose the details “when special services leave his relatives and friends alone”. Meanwhile, FSIN (the service of the execution of punishments in Russia) refused to give any comments to the media on this issue.

Notifying about his self-expulsion to Lithuania on his personal page in the Russian social network “VKontakte” Yuri Gorsky said:

I, Yuri Gorsky, declare myself on the territory of Russia on the federal wanted list, as I “mysteriously” disappeared from the FSS’s* “tight embrace” with a clear conscience and went to the Lithuanian lands. I am convinced that being in exile, but not in the FSS torture chambers, I will be able to do a lot to bring real political changes in Russia … Yuri Gorsky, politician

Yuri Gorsky in his interviews insists that the word “fugitive” in relation to him is not correct:

The verb “to escape” is not correct. I believe that I am exiled. But if you still use this verb “to escape,” then exclusively with the words “from captivity” – escaped from captivity…

Yuri Gorsky thinks the reason of aggression of Russian law enforcement services is that the New Opposition, one of which leaders he remains to be, took a highly uncooperative, harsh attitude towards the government of the Russian Federation, and expresses its position in the format of “street politics”:

Russian law enforcement services launched a campaign against me as an “answer” for my last half-year activity within the framework of the New Opposition, as we occupied a niche of the non-systemic opposition and went out to unauthorized street actions. This is a powerful irritant for the existing authorities, since they do not have the opportunity to agree with us, because I always said that the “New Opposition” is different: while the old opposition used to try to negotiate with the authorities, we want to replace them and no contracts with them are acceptable for us. Such tough attitude, probably, has driven them insane.

They tried to make a revolutionary and extremist of me, and I absolutely disagreed with it, but now, as nonetheless they have declared me a terrorist and extremist, they will get exactly what they wanted. I will choose the rhetoric that extremists, terrorists and all the bad people use and I will assume their functions. They will get what they want. I have a large vocabulary, including a political one, and I will find the words to call people for radical actions. The slogans “Ukraine – Maidan! Russia – Manezhka*! Barricades, tires, fire!” which were the reasons of my criminal prosecution, have no appeals, because they have no verbs that could call for action; it’s just a set of words. But as they tried to judge me for my words and my way of understanding them, and after I have avoided the captivity and blackmail of the special services of the Russian Federation, so now I will approach this issue more realistically and straightforwardly …
Yuri Gorsky, politician

Yuri Gorsky. A picture from his documentary “Ukraine. Maidan.Victory.”

Being asked whether he intends to obtain political asylum in Lithuania, and whether he is afraid of the “international search”, Yuri Gorsky in his interview to Svoboda.org noted:

I know Lithuania well, I have been coming here for three years already. But I have other options.
For example, I received a proposal to get a political asylum in France. I’ll see, I have a few options. Now I stay in the EU on a tourist multivisa, which was issued to me in August 2016 for two years by the Lithuanian Embassy. I can still stay here and move around the European Union until August, without violating the migration and visa legislation. So, I have a month to think where to ask for a political asylum. But Lithuania is in the first place … As far as international investigation is concerned, I know, the 280th article on which a criminal case has been brought against me is considered political in the European Union, and in such cases people are not extradited. I absolutely plan to return to Russia, but only as soon as authorities change. And being here I will contribute to this in any way possible.

Yuri Gorsky // Lithuania Palanga

Anyway, Yuri Gorsky does not intend to cease his political activity even being in exile:

Firstly, I will continue my work in the New Opposition as a speaker. Also, being a Russian nationalist (by the way, I am also familiar with European nationalists), I will explain to the European elite that real nationalism does not threaten to the European Union. For example, Putin calls himself a nationalist, but he is not one, in fact he declares only imperialism and chauvinism. I want Europeans to understand that Russian imperialism and chauvinism have nothing to do with nationalism. European Union is democratic enough (unlike Russia), and I think the public will be happy to hear what I intend to say. I have already been invited to the Lithuanian television and to the Belarusian opposition television, which headquarters are situated in Vilnius. As soon as I decide where to apply for a political asylum, I will be happy to answer all these questions of journalists from the European Union.

The new Opposition, according to Yuri Gorsky, even in his absence and without Mark Galperin, who is under the house arrest now, will continue its activity anyway:

Despite the fact that Mark Galperin is under house arrest, we have Roman Kovalev there and Dmitriy Stepanov, they’re excellent managers and they know what to do. Naturally, they will be more cautious, but they will be able to continue protest activity. When I was in Moscow, we were planning anti-crisis rallies for the autumn, and I think the opportunity to hold them still exists. As I am inaccessible to the special services, I will be saying everything that it may be dangerous for them to say in Russia. Even if the New Opposition will suffer the same fate as “ArtPodgotovka”*, I mean if police or special services also consider it as extremist, it will continue its activity. We will just reappear with another name; in fact it will be a continuation of the New Opposition…

As it became known on June 13, 2017, Yuri Gorsky got into the updated version of the “List of terrorists and extremists”, as the website of “Rosfinmonitoring” reported . In the section “Russian Individuals” Gorsky was listed under the numbers 19. Commenting on his “new status” – “terrorist and extremist” Yuri Gorsky in his interview for the media, as well as in the notes on his personal pages in social networks said:

Finally, I was awarded this honorary title “extremist and terrorist”. So, I do not just live like an ordinary man, but I’m even engaged in extremism and terrorism! What does it mean when you are considered to be “extremist and terrorist”? This means that the Russian government has called you The Enemy! To be more specific – The Enemy of Putin’s regime! Thus, the Russian authorities send an inflammatory signal to society, pointing out to its enemies who are dangerous for the foundations of Putinism. What damage can all this bring to me? Closing of bank accounts. But I do not have bank accounts. So, no damage. Therefore, only the “media aftertaste” remains. I mean, awareness of yourself as something more important than you used to be. But this is also nonsense. So, long live the list of extremists and terrorists! The main thing is to go to the end… Yuri Gorsky, politician
Gorsky Yuri Evgenyevich (26.02.1971, Moscow) - since 2009 the chief editor of "ArtPolitInfo". Nationality - Russian. Belongs to Russian Orthodox Church. National-Monarchist. In 2005 and 2007 was responsible for organization of the "Russian March" - annual march of russian nationalists. Between 2005 and 2013 took part in organizing the following organizations: "Eurasian Youth Union" (2005-2006),  the party of protection of the russian constitution "Rus" (2006-2008), "RusSovet" (2008-2011), monarchical party "Caesarean Russia" (2011-2012). Between May and December 2013 worked as a vice-president of international festival of social technologies for protection of the traditional values "For Life". Was awarded with a medal "for distinction" of the "Movement against illegal immigration (2009). Currently married, has four children (1993, 1995, 1998, 2000)
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  • FSS (Federal Security Service) - Russian security service, a descendant of notorious KGB, NKVD and so on.
  • Manezka (rus. colloquial) Manezhnaya Square - a square in the center of Moscow near the Kremlin. In 2010 hard clashes between nationalists and police took place there. Since then it became a symbol if civil struggle against authorities. Now it is also a place where the supporters of The New Opposition gather.
  • Artpodgotovka (rus. artillery preparation) - a popular Russian opposition movement of blogger and politician Vyacheslav Maltsev. Russian authorities considered it to be an extremist society and it was banned.

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