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The New Right Alternative was presented in the media field on May 15, 2017, as an “interregional social enlightening center of intellectuals and workmen”. According to Yuri Gorsky, the initiator of this movement, one of the center’s goals is “upholding the ideas of Russian nationalism.” In this regard, it should be noted that the New Right Alternative appeared simultaneously with the attempt of a group of Russian nationalists to create their own party, which organizational committee initially included Yuri Gorsky. However, during the process of creating the “Party of Nationalists” a number of disagreements arose within its organizing committee, caused by an attempt of Yuri Gorsky to touch upon and discuss a number of issues:

1. The name of the party and the proposal in return.
2. The structure of the party and the proposal in return.
3. Critical review of the so-called “personnel reserve of planned structures” in the party.
4. Disciplinary issues in the context of hierarchy and subordination.

According to Yuri Gorsky’s point of view on the name of the project, that he used to express often in different interviews, notes and comments:

The word” nationalist “does not frighten me at all. I’m talking about a political trend. Figuratively speaking, if everyone around flies on spaceships, then you have to use them either, instead of repairing your second-hand car in the garage…
Ю. Горский

Dominican Republic. Yuri Gorsky on his 43rd birthday is flying over the Atlantic // photo archive of ArtPolitInfo

As for the structure of the party, Yuri Gorsky said:

If we create a party according to old clichés, and moreover a dictator-kind type of a party, then, alas, it leads to nowhere…

Also in his interview, Yuri Gorsky noted that he stands for “a wide governing body – a council of party of 12 people:

We need a party of a new type. We would be like knights of a Round Table. A structure with a leader or co-chairmen is already an outdated option; you should not pull it into the 21st century. This is dangerous. For example, if a party has one leader and something happens to him – the party dismisses. And to me the ideas and values are more important than the fate of any person, even a very good one … - Yuri Gorsky, Russian nationalist

Anyway, the disagreements within the organizing committee of the planned “Party of Nationalists” have not been eliminated and led to the situation that Yuri Gorsky described in the following way:

And it turned out the situation was not handled and the mistakes I pointed out earlier, began to grow in geometric progression. So I will confine myself to a brief statement of facts. Someone started a rumor that I was expelled from the «Organizing Committee of the Party of Nationalists”. They said that, on May 2, a meeting was held, where I was removed from the Organizing Committee by a majority vote. And I was absent at the meeting because after the “Russian First May”*, that is, on May 1, was taken to the police department “Shchukino”, where I spent a day, and then was escorted to the “Khoroshevsky” court. There I spent 10 hours and already on May 3, I was sentenced to an administrative arrest for three days. Thus, a kind of conspiracy story happened, ignominiously characterizing the conspirators. But, despite the fact that some newly-made and self-appointed speakers from the Russian Movement ignored my constructive comments on party building and are now trying to create a vile intrigue behind my back, I will continue my social activities defending the ideas of Russian nationalism on the basis of the enlightening center “The New Right Alternative”…- Yuri Gorsky, Russian nationalist

The New Right Alternative: initial manifesto

I. “The New Right Alternative” – is an interregional social enlightening center of intellectuals and workmen.
II. Intellectuals are the people, who can create the model of new Russian statehood. In other words, they are the people who are able to form* and announce the political program aimed to realize the future image of Russia.
III. Therefore, under current circumstances when the irremovability of authorities (Putinism) destroys everything Russian, we proclaim that our goal is power and means – street activity. We’re also ready to act and consolidate with other protest forces that call for real political changes.
IV. We stand for building the Russian national state based on principles of equality between all the indigenous nations that don’t have their own states outside of Russian Federation and that have been building Russian statehood during the entire Russian history.
V. We are the lords of our own destiny, but not the slaves of someone else’s circumstances. Our task is to bring real political changes to Russian society using constitutional means. Due to the appropriate changes Russian citizens will feel a necessity to have their own Russian National State, which will not allow any political persecution, regardless of the ideological beliefs.
VI. We are those who return to the everyday life the conceptual apparatus of high senses: honor, dignity, conscience.
VII. “Führerprinzip” (leader principle or dictatorship) of any kind is totally unacceptable for us, as we create and adapt a public institution of leaders who are able to take control of the state of free people through a collegial council, committee, forum, or a parliament.
VIII. We stand for a new form of political governance: democracy without any kind of dictatorship, but with a proportional and personal measure of responsibility of everyone who holds a public position no matter of a rank.
IX. We also stand for the lustration of officials of every level and for the systemic rotation of the new “servants of the people” within the updated constitutional legislation.
X. We are those who want and able to carry out the transit of power to our own advantage through the electoral system or other historical events. For example, during the period of total lack of power at the background of social cataclysms caused by street protest, which will be aimed at changing the regime.
XI. We stand for a mixed type of economy. Conventionally: “Not Marx, not Bernard Shaw, but Friedrich List”, but with an important remark: we do not support an idea of a consumer society.
XII. Both European nationalism and classical liberalism are absolutely acceptable for us. We stand for private property and human right for freedom of speech, assembly and creativity, except for the left-liberal ideas of the “melting pot” and “friendship of peoples” in its Soviet meaning, as well as cosmopolitanism and permissiveness that leads to the dehumanization of people.
XIII. We need social justice and national dignity, but we will not allow citizens of new Russia to show “proletarian” hatred in the communist manner to no one.
XIV. For us, the thesis “the peoples are the thoughts of God” is paramount, so different forms of chauvinism and Nazism are unacceptable for us.
XV. For us, the traditional values of family and relationship between men and women are essential. We are ready to defend their anthropological uniqueness and prove a necessity of such discourse in any public discussions with any opponents.
XVI. We say: “God, Motherland, family.” And we do not need another triad of human values.
XVII. We are able to prove with words and deeds for the entire international community that “Russian” is a noun, and not “just” an adjective. Blood and soil, geography and genetic code are the defining features of people’s mentality. And if it comes to any particular political nation on the map of the world, then the Russian people, as a legal construct of international law, should take its rightful place among the large family of peoples living on the territory of the five continents, according to the general position of interethnic relations.

Новая Правая Альтернатива

One of the designs of the New Right Alternative’s main flag

XVIII. This announcement of the manifesto is not final. In the course of existence of the Interregional social enlightening center of Intellectuals and workmen “The New Right Alternative”, we will remain capable of bringing objective changes in order to announce the general program of actions for our organization.

So, we can say that the New Right Alternative does not represent itself as a part of the “Party of Nationalists”, but it represents a new standard of the structure: the rejection of the principle of dictatorship and flexibility in approach of empowerment its members towards “personal initiative”. As far as ideology and politics are concerned: remaining faithful to the cornerstone idea of nationalism, the New Right Alternative offers opportunities for the development and implementation of this idea to the cultural and political realities of the 21st century.

Gorsky Yuri Evgenyevich (26.02.1971, Moscow) - since 2009 the chief editor of "ArtPolitInfo". Nationality - Russian. Belongs to Russian Orthodox Church. National-Monarchist. In 2005 and 2007 was responsible for organization of the "Russian March" - annual march of russian nationalists. Between 2005 and 2013 took part in organizing the following organizations: "Eurasian Youth Union" (2005-2006),  the party of protection of the russian constitution "Rus" (2006-2008), "RusSovet" (2008-2011), monarchical party "Caesarean Russia" (2011-2012). Between May and December 2013 worked as a vice-president of international festival of social technologies for protection of the traditional values "For Life". Was awarded with a medal "for distinction" of the "Movement against illegal immigration (2009). Currently married, has four children (1993, 1995, 1998, 2000)

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