It’s obvious that the fashion to fight against the symbols of the Third Reich in Europe dies out. The returning of swastika, runes and other symbols considered as “forbidden” into the cultural and social life becomes a tendency which is absolutely clear especially in Northern Europe.

«Северное движение сопротивления» (NMR)

“Northern Resistance Movement” (NMR), flag with the Teyvaz rune

For example, the new form of Norway’s Alpine Skiing Team for the Olympic season-2017/2018 shows the runes of the ancient German alphabet, such as the rune Algiz (life) and the rune Teivaz (warrior, God). Some supervisors observing the rules of “inadmissibility of demonstrating aggressive symbols” have already expressed their “indignation”, as “these runes were used by the Nazis”, and the Teyvaz rune in the shape of an upward arrow presents today on the emblem of the Northern Resistance Movement, which has organized in Gothenburg, Sweden in the end of September the march of National-Socialists, which led to clashes*. In response to these addresses, Ms. Hilde Midthhell, head of the outfitting company Dale of Norway, said quite clearly: “We came to the conclusion that this should not bother us. The Nazis used a number of runic signs and other natural symbols, Scandinavian heroes and even flags. But they do not have an ownership of the historical symbols associated with Norway … “.

As culturologists say, the tendency of returning to public, cultural and political life some symbols, which were removed for the reason of the alleged “connection with the Nazis,” is gaining rising and anyway, “the victory of the swastika” in Europe is imminent.

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*The Northern Resistance Movement (NMR) is not prohibited in Sweden. The NMR is seeking an end to immigration, and is also in favor of creating a single Scandinavian state together with neighboring countries. September 30, 2017 "Northern Resistance Movement" organized a march through the center of Gothenburg. According to the police, the clashes between police and NMR activists armed with shields began after the activists tried to move away from their assigned route. Dozens of people were detained, including the group's leader, the Swedish press reported. As far as we know, among the detainees there also were activists who were protesting against the march - (editor's note)

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