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Myanmar has a caste society, and such a state does not need Islam. Since it does not bring Buddhists anything but violation of the religious order. Moreover there is another danger for traditional Buddhism, as Syria is about to squeeze out the expansion of ISIL into other regions of the world. In addition, Asia is quite conducive to supporters of radical jihad, which can be deployed against China, which is gaining geopolitical power. Therefore, the rough suppression of Muslim riots in Myanmar by the Buddhist majority, that outrages Chechnya so much, is very eloquent. So all this shows only one thing, that in Myanmar people do not want any radicalization of the Islamic factor which can lead to foundation of ISIL on the territory of Buddha. But why do some people inflame the passions of this in Russia? After all, for example, the interethnic conflict between the Kalmyks (who also professes Buddhism) with Chechens (for whom Islam is far more important than territorial integrity of the Russian Federation) is very revealing. As their interethnic confrontation with each other lasts more than one hundred years it can calmly lead to another separatism in the Caucasus. And the last. Kadyrov’s demand to interfere in the internal affairs of another state, in my opinion, does not demonstrate the contradiction inside Kremlin, I mean, between Kadyrov and Putin, but it just shows to the public that Islam in Russia has a political power. And that religious wars will again form the basis for the alteration of the World Order. And that the Muslims claim that the main roles of this redistribution belong to them, in contrast to toothless Christianity and secular humanism …Yuri Gorsky, politician
мусульмане в Москве 3.09.2017

Muslims protest in Moscow, near the embassy of Myanmar 3.09.2017

Does Ramzan Kadyrov send a specific signal to Kremlin or he is such a sign to the whole world himself?

To understand why the statement of Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov on the situation in Myanmar has caused such a violent reaction in Russia, several points should be taken into account. First: 90% of the population of Myanmar are Buddhists. Rohingya people, who profess Islam are not more than 10%, and the conflict between them began quite long ago. In fact, this is an ongoing problem. Thus – the “outbreak” of Russian Muslims in Moscow near the embassy of Myanmar and the position of Ramzan Kadyrov may well be regarded as a “mark” for Russia from its “faithful republic” of Chechnya, first of all. However, according to the editor of “ArtPolitInfo”, Tatiana Vasilenko:

Everything is not as unambiguous as it may seem. On one hand, the situation of “the state in the state” is obvious, as well as the fact that Kadyrov’s “loyalty” to Putin largely depends on the “money donated to Chechnya by Allah.”* So the conflict is probable, and if you look closely, Ramzan Kadyrov does not put ultimatums to the Kremlin for the first time. However, on the other hand, it is quite possible that Ramzan Kadyrov’s “emotions” are carefully directed by the Kremlin, as they may be very useful for the official propaganda: “Russia is more than just an empire, we will save everyone and “the Third Rome” is not only for the Orthodox Christians, but for Muslims also. In other words, who knows, maybe it’s a kind of transformation of the ideas of “world revolution” and “world empire” …?Tatiana Vasilenko, publicist

Below, we offer you to consider and think over reasons and consequences of Ramzan Kadyrov’s demonstration of his “not complete agreement with the Russian government.”

How did the situation develop? On Sunday, September 3, 2017, hundreds of Muslims came to an uncoordinated** protest against the “genocide” of Muslims in Myanmar to the Embassy of Myanmar in Moscow (most of them were from Chechnya). Observers noted that the crowd was shouting slogans: “Buddhists are terrorists”, “Let’s start with Kalmykia”, and one of the speakers swore by Allah that jihad will begin if his demands would not be fulfilled. However, the police did not intervene in the proceedings, saying that “there were no violations of public order in the center of the capital on September 3, that law enforcement officials could record” (only a day later information appeared that “soft” detentions have been made, but it is unknown if these detentions really took place – no real proofs). It is no secret that law enforcement agencies demonstrate extremely harsh attitude towards any other unauthorized public actions (including pickets and people’s gatherings that are allowed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation) of nationalists and other opposition forces.

мусульмане в Москве, 3.09.2017

Muslims protest in Moscow, near the embassy of Myanmar 3.09.2017

The next day, on Monday, September 4, a mass meeting was held in Grozny. According to the official data of the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1.1 million people came out in Grozny to support the Muslims of Myanmar. Kadyrov spoke at this rally, urging the world community to stop the bloodshed in Myanmar. However, Kadyrov voiced his position not only at the rally, he also declared it in social networks:

Even if Russia goes on to support the devils who commit crimes today, I am against the position of Russia. Because I have my own vision, my position …Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechen Republic

In fact, such words can be regarded as an ultimatum. “ArtPolitInfo” in one of its publications cites the following opinion of experts:

such statement of a person who holds the post of head of one of the republics of the Russian Federation warns that he does not consider his republic to be a part of Russia, but rather a sort of “friendly, neighbor state” which can either support or not support a neighbor. “If Chechnya was really a part of the Russian Federation, its head could not raise such a question – whether he supports or does not support the center’s position… However, it is possible that Kadyrov simply makes it clear what should the Kremlin do to avoid problems with him and Chechnya in the upcoming pre-election period …

It should be noted that apparently Kadyrov is closer to the opinion of Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who also commented on the conflict in Myanmar. He called oppression of Rohingya “genocide of Muslims” in the country. According to R. Kadyrov: “Erdoğan ‘s opinion is the best”. However, later the head of Chechnya took his words back, citing his desire for justice and the fact that his words were misunderstood, and the fact that “Putin is a fine fellow”, of course:

I thank President Vladimir Putin, who condemned the violence against Muslims and urged the Myanmar authorities to take control of the situation. And those who interpret my words (in wrong ways – editor’s clarification) and laugh at the murder of innocent people are in a deep moral pit … I consider it to be my duty to protect those who need help. To stand against injustice …

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin also commented on the whole situation:

We are against any violence and we call on the authorities of this country to take control of the situation. As for the opinion of Russian citizens about the foreign policy of the Russian state, everyone has the right to have his own opinion, regardless of his official position. But I assure you that there is no confrontation with Chechnya’s authorities. I ask everyone to calm down. Everything is fine…Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
мусульмане в Москве, 3.09.2017

Muslims protest in Moscow, near the embassy of Myanmar 3.09.2017

Meanwhile, Gazeta.ru suggested that, in reality, the Kremlin and Kadyrov were cooperating and had the same goal:

The Chechen leader was confirmed as the main official voice of the Ummah in Russia. And at the same time he demonstrated his mobilization capabilities. Russia is expanding its “spiritual bonds”, showing: we are not only Orthodox, we are ready to hold rallies to support the persecuted Muslims. In addition, Russia in the eyes of the international community makes a loud statement for the entire Islamic world …

According to Kommersant.ru:

After mass rallies of Russian Muslims and harsh statements on this topic of Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, it became obvious that powerful groups influence the removal of power. However, it is extremely difficult for the Kremlin to take such an unambiguous position. First, Russia’s steps towards Myanmar have traditionally been coordinated with China, a key ally and sponsor of this country. Secondly, Moscow hopes to develop military-technical and economic cooperation with Myanmar – a rich in natural resources country included in ASEAN …

“Nezavisimaya Gazeta” (Independent Newspaper) in its material says:

Kadyrov’s statements caused a flurry of comments: the one who calls himself the “infantryman of Putin”, in fact, has encroached on the constitutionally exclusive rights and duties of the head of state. The leader of the region can not form a foreign policy agenda. Perhaps the author of the video message was sure that he attacked only the Russian Foreign Ministry, but did not take into account that the formation of the foreign policy course is the duty of the president, but not of the diplomats. Perhaps, Kadyrov did not think about these constitutional subtleties at all, but acted rashly. Similar attempts of Chechnya to influence international politics have happened before. For example, recently Kadyrov conducted a campaign of condemning Israel during the aggravation of the situation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. At about the same time, negotiations were held between our countries about the situation in the regions of Syria bordering with Israel, and the appearance of the charismatic leader of Russia’s most famous region could affect the negotiation process. However, the disagreement between the leader of the republic and the state’s policy has never been so clearly outlined until this day. By the way, this speech took place at the backdrop of Vladimir Putin’s talks with the chairman of the China, which is Myanmar’s ally. It is also interesting that a wave of indignation in the Muslim community of Russia has risen right now, when its source was Turkey and its president. The next day after the Moscow spontaneous rally, an official rally took place in Grozny. Speaking there, Kadyrov retreated from the dangerous line, which he touched (and maybe even crossed it) in his video. Other speakers were warming up the heat of emotions with angered rhetoric, but cooled the heads of those who kept calling for the sending to Myanmar some armed forces. Some speakers said that Chechnya and Muslims of Russia would not yield to “provocations”. And most importantly, the rally approved an appeal to Vladimir Putin with a request to influence the situation, that is, the reins of government were “returned” to their rightful owner. Probably everyone will pretend that nothing has happened, the awkward situation is over. But the bad sediment still remains …
мусульмане в Москве, 3.09.2017

Muslims protest in Moscow, near the embassy of Myanmar 3.09.2017

The director of the Valdai club, Fyodor Lukyanov, says that:

Here is the first example of how the views and sympathies of a part of Russian society differ not even with priorities but with the principles of the state’s foreign policy. Myanmar wasn’t among the top priority directions of Russian diplomacy, but Moscow has traditionally opposed pressure on Naypyitaw, being guided by the classic understanding of sovereignty and inadmissibility of interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. But now, considering the growing role and influence of the Muslim community in Russian politics, the authorities are unlikely to be able to ignore such sentiments. Moreover, such an influential Muslim politician as Ramzan Kadyrov became their spokesman. His role in the foreign policy field has been noticeable for quite a long time, but so far the leader of Chechnya has been acting in the state’s interests. Perhaps, for the first time there was such a clear divergence – the more significant, because it puts Russia in a difficult situation in relations with China, the main patron of Myanmar … Fedor Lukyanov, political scientist

Anyway, regardless of whether there is a real possibility of a conflict between Putin and Kadyrov that can strongly influence the political situation in the Russian Federation or the situation has been directed by the Kremlin, one thing is clear: society in Russia believes in the reality of the confrontation between Putin and Kadyrov, and not just ready for it, but even is frozen in a state of “anticipation”: how far everything will go and what will be the end …

Сonflict in Myanmar (former Burma) is a criminal conflict in the country. Rohinya live in the west of Burma in the province of Rakhine. The conflict between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar lasts since 1942. The most radical of Rohingya formed the "Salvation Army" military organization, whoose actions, in fact, led to a new wave of violence. In addition to the destruction of the monasteries, the militants attacked the police stations, military units and a warehouse with weapons. The response operation of the army is also extremely cruel. In March 2017, the UN submitted a draft resolution on assistance to Muslims in Myanmar. The document referred to mass killings, torture and rape of representatives of the Rohingya people. The resolution was blocked by Russia and China.
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